What’s the deal with ad blocking?

Marce BylinskaBlog Post

Ad blockers prevent or remove advertising content on a webpage. While they come in a variety of forms – standalone browser, plugin/extension or mobile app – they essentially fall into two categories: pure ad blockers, which prevent ads from loading, and content blockers, which block additional content like web analytics tracking. The distinction is important because of their impact on ad inventory and site traffic.

Four content marketing lessons from Herschel Supply

Katherine ScarrowBlog Post

Over the past seven years, The Globe and Mail has covered Herschel Supply Co. from various angles. Our reporters have pondered whether the fickle ‘cool kids’ would stay interested in the brand (they have), explored the number of impressive partnerships it’s brokered (think Apple, Coca Cola, Disney), and mapped the company’s worldwide expansion (it now sell in over 70 countries). Driving its success are stylish yet affordable backpacks, duffle bags and messengers. But not to be overlooked is the role a strong content marketing has played in the company’s exponential growth. Here are four things that contribute to Herschel’s winning approach: 1. Product integration is subtle. Yes, its social media channels feature perfectly curated product shots. But … Read More