How will Facebook News Feed changes affect media companies?

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On Jan. 11, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the company is making major changes to its News Feed. It will shift focus away from “helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.” What does this means for Facebook users? They’ll see fewer posts from businesses, brands and media and more from family, friends and groups. Conversational interactions, such as comments and shares, are at the heart of the new model, tossing clicks, video views and likes to the sidelines. The changes were expected, but they were still a rude awakening for publishers, which have come … Read More

Why is it so difficult to get content seen on social media?

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Those of us managing social media accounts have surely realized the increasing difficulty in gaining organic impressions over the last couple years. Reaching target audiences has become so difficult that the industry standard sits around 2%, meaning that approximately 2% of your brand’s audience will actually see any given post. In a recent discussion on the topic presented at Social Media Week Toronto, The Globe Edge’s Managing Editor, Sean Stanleigh and Social Media Strategist, Aletta Brandle, brought these issues to light: More Users There are more social media users than ever, both for personal and business reasons.  According to Statista, … Read More