Q&A: Should chatbots be a part of your marketing strategy?

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“The conversational channel is exploding,” says Russell Ward, CEO of Toronto-based company Massively. And while he’s not suggesting chatbots are going to overtake social, email or apps anytime soon, it’s an area that marketers simply can’t ignore. “If you are thinking about reaching an audience, you need to think about messaging. Bots allow you to reach your customers in a native way.” Ward recently spoke at our breakfast event MarTech Mornings, held at the new Globe and Mail centre. The monthly event series features leading thinkers in marketing technology. We caught up with Ward at the end of his presentation … Read More

Montreal studio operates 24/7 with help of virtual talent

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To maintain a competitive advantage these days, employers “can no longer rely on the traditional talent supply chain,” say the brains behind C2 Montreal, a three-day immersive event which brings together commerce and creativity to explore trends, opportunities, disruptions and major shifts on the horizon. On May 26, 2017, I caught up with Guillaume Renaud. As co-founder of Edge Dimension, a  Montreal-based studio that specializes in realistic 3-D renderings and virtual reality, Renaud knows a thing or two about managing a global, virtual workforce. Question: You’re in an industry that is rapidly evolving. What’s your approach to hiring? Answer: We’re a … Read More

The Globe and Mail descends upon Montreal for C2 conference

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Last week, Montreal played host to C2 (creativity+commerce), a three-day event that zeroes in on trends and major disruptions on the horizon. The atmosphere was electric and eclectic as ever-so-stylish creative types converged at Gallery Arsenal in Montreal’s Griffintown neighbourhood. What makes C2 such a different type of conference? Well to start, it’s not simply a litany of dry panels where speakers talk at you. There are no trade show booths. Networking opportunities (aka ‘Braindates‘) are driven by technology but are completely organic at the same time. Every bit of the space is interactive and intended to be experiential. You get to play and participate, whether it’s … Read More

How digital marketers are adapting to the changing tech landscape

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As the importance of predictive data and algorithms continues to grow, marketers must devise new ways to reach and engage their audiences. This was one of the central topics at this year’s C2 Montreal, an event that brings together 5,000 executives across continents and industries to challenge their biases, shift their perspective and explore completely new ways of doing business. On May 26, 2017, I spoke with Brandon Houston, CEO of Switch Video, a digital video marketing company based in Collingwood, Ontario. Switch works with mid-to-enterprise level companies globally to produce video content that helps tell their story. Houston and I talked about how … Read More

Four content marketing lessons from Herschel Supply

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Over the past seven years, The Globe and Mail has covered Herschel Supply Co. from various angles. Our reporters have pondered whether the fickle ‘cool kids’ would stay interested in the brand (they have), explored the number of impressive partnerships it’s brokered (think Apple, Coca Cola, Disney), and mapped the company’s worldwide expansion (it now sell in over 70 countries). Driving its success are stylish yet affordable backpacks, duffle bags and messengers. But not to be overlooked is the role a strong content marketing has played in the company’s exponential growth. Here are four things that contribute to Herschel’s winning approach: 1. Product integration is subtle. Yes, its social media channels feature perfectly curated product shots. But … Read More