GE is well known in Canada for light bulbs and appliances, yet less known as a major infrastructure company that provides solutions in the areas of healthcare, transportation, and energy. Our challenge was to improve their
brand and business familiarity and grow purchase intent within a sophisticated business audience.

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GE needed sufficient time and the right space to share compelling stories that position GE to Canada’s senior executives
as thought leader in the key business sectors of oil and gas, mining and clean technology. The Globe was selected
for our connection with that community and a native content program was developed around the theme of innovation.
GE, together with the Globe Edge team, produced a total of 79 content pieces rolled out over
10 months, with one to three new articles posted each week


The native content program delivered more than 30 million impressions across desktop and mobile
with more than 200,000 page views, and an average of three minutes spent with each piece.
The click-through rates were four times higher than industry benchmarks, according to Polar, our publishing platform.

The native advertising program “helped the brand make inroads on its key targets – namely brand familiarity, which is on the rise in Canada”.Yvonne Gibson, Former Director of Marketing and Digital Communications, GE