Innovative ways to showcase “unnecessarily well-made objects”




Glenmorangie is a brand that prides itself on its slogan of “Unnecessarily well made”, which describes going beyond the ordinary
and improving scotch beyond what people expect. Being a leading innovator in Scotch production and maturation,
it was no surprise that they were looking for an innovative media approach.

To highlight the blend of historic and modern, attributes both the Open and Glenmorangie share, we created a special
front page of Globe Sports section. This cover mirrored the editorial cover, recreating it as a hand-drawn illustration to match
Glenmorangie’s creative style. The section published on Thursday in time for the start of the Open and was referred to throughout the weekend.

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Working with Glenmorangie’s agency, Havas Media, The Globe was tasked not only with delivering innovation,
but also with amplifying the brand’s strong association to golf and, more specifically, the proud fact that
Glenmorangie is the Official Spirit of The British Open golf tournament.


In addition to the special front page of Globe Sports section, a custom-created sponsor content series,
in print and online, showcased “unnecessarily well-made” objects — like The Open’s claret jug trophy,
St. Andrew’s golf course itself and, of course, Glenmorangie. The print execution included an augmented
reality overlay, enabling mobile users to activate video content.

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