There’s nothing business-as-usual about The Next Million.

KPMG Enterprise made it clear that it wasn’t looking for a stodgy publication that spoke to readers in corporate lingo.

Instead, this nimble organization wanted an approachable, consumer-style magazine to create awareness among prospective clients, including entrepreneurs, family and private businesses. They sought to promote the value of professional consulting services in succession planning, funding growth, acquiring new companies, boosting cash flow and going public.

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KPMG Enterprise is often seen as too big and too expensive for entrepreneurs. But that’s not the case.
The professional service company chose to work with us due to our strong relationships with the SMB sector.

The Globe has built a vibrant and engaging Small Business site and social community. Our experience creating engaging
and helpful content for owners and managers proved that we were the right choice to communicate KPMG’s message
that they have both the expertise and affordable pricing structures to help smaller businesses grow.
To truly connect, they needed to get this message across in an authentic, engaging way by telling stories
about current and potential customers.


The Next Million is a highly effective tool for generating leads and sales, positioning KPMG as the
go-to consulting service for entrepreneurs. 
The magazine has won several national and international awards.
And, traffic to website, continues to grow with the release of each new issue.

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“I’m a business person myself, and I think we’re always looking for great aggregators – people who can go out there and provide the news and information we need to make great business decisions. It was a product that was missing in the marketplace.”Terry Kirk, CEO of the Funding Portal
“Every article, every piece of information, is related to growth. It all boils down to how we help companies grow.”Brian Miske, Chief Marketing Officer, KMPG Enterprise

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