Purina was looking for a partner that could create a content series for readers interested in health and the well-being of their dogs.


Globe Edge created a six-part custom editorial series called ‘A Dog’s Life’ which appeared in print and online.
Stories ranged from dog park etiquette to the pros and cons of dog walkers. At the end of each story, readers were asked to
submit their own questions for our experts and our in-house dog expert was available for a live Facebook Q&A session.

The pet food company’s goal was to drive awareness of their new True Instinct line of Grain Free Formula dog food.
The series, which appeared in print and on The Globe and Mail as well as Alliance partner sites,
delivered nearly 50 per cent more total page views and time spent than average.

I am one of THOSE dog parents. My dog goes to doggy day care twice a week. He is a Scottish Terrier and needs to run around with his homies and act like a crazy man. The staff are great and I’m sure he thinks the day care only exists when he is there.MJMSask1
I agree that one should watch over one’s dog at the off leash dog park. But, let’s not impose human behaviour rules on dogs. Dog etiquette isn’t at all like human etiquette.NS Bill


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