Thomson Reuters



After many years as one of the country’s leading brands, Thomson Reuters began to see a decline in how Canadians perceived it. The company decided to recapture that brand prestige and trust by reminding Canadians about what it offers. It’s a rich and complex story that couldn’t be communicated through brand advertising alone.


Thomson Reuters markets to senior legal, finance, risk and energy executives whose time is precious and who expect
a return for investing their time. Native content marketing was our recommendation as the ideal choice to communicate
with this target. The longer form content provided a deeper platform for Thomson Reuters to deliver
their unique and invaluable insights and analysis.


The native campaign launched in October 2014 and to-date has published over 70 articles, infographics and videos that focus
on how professionals can capitalize on great business opportunities. The content was produced through The Globe and Mail’s
content studio in collaboration with Thomson Reuters, who provide deeper insights, mined from its raw data.

Thomson Reuters’ native content has outperformed native response benchmarks by 3 times. The content is highly engaging
– being read for an astounding 9,500 hours – building strong exposure and association with their brand.
Additionally, Thomson Reuters’s sales team has enjoyed increased interest and contact.

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