How startups are shaping the cities of tomorrow

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Every day, we read about what cities around the world are up to – new sectors, infrastructure plans, or the latest urban planning disaster. According to the UN, over half of the world’s population now lives in cities. City life is taking up more and more of our attention, and as cities have grown, so too has the idea of the city as a living organism – the theory that cities evolve and adapt to the needs and whims of its residents, rather than the other way around. On May 25, 2017, I spoke to Eytan Bensoussan, co-founder of Ferst Digital, a Montreal-based … Read More

Is Artificial Intelligence stuck in a hype cycle?

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One of the goals of the annual C2 conference in Canada’s vibrant city of Montreal is to explore trends and disruptions in the business community and solve big-picture problems through “radical solutions and breakthrough technologies.” On May 26, 2017, I had the opportunity to interview fellow attendees Andrew Arruda and Jimoh Ovbiagele, the co-founders of ROSS Intelligence, which builds artificial intelligence (AI) tools for the legal sector. The C2 team would refer to them as “moonshotters,” or people who dream up great ideas and foster the necessary talent and environments to bring them to life. Ovbiagle, despite the negative connotation, … Read More

The future of content marketing – Highlights from BCON 2017

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When The Globe and Mail’s creative agency was given the opportunity to present a session at the 2017 BCON Expo, we brought together key players in the field of branded content, and tapped industry insiders to paint a more fulsome picture. Technology has left its disruptive footprint on content marketing. New tools, new methodologies and new ideas are constantly emerging, and practitioners who are unwilling or unable to keep up with the speed of change are being left in the dust. It’s tough to predict what the landscape will look like in a year, never mind three to five years … Read More

Content marketing trends to look for in 2017

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Farewell to 2016. It was an interesting year. We saw the emergence of 360 video, virtual reality, augmented reality and chatbots as vital content tools, and we watched Snapchat stress levels rise among certain age groups (“I know this is a big deal but I’m terrified to use it”) in lock-step with spends on paid social.