After five years, the Challenge series is stronger than ever

Steve TustinBlog Post

At Globe Edge, we know after five successful years that thousands of Canadian business owners and thousands of readers love our Small Business Challenge editorial series and our $100k Challenge Contest.

What’s not to like? The weekly series consistently earns extraordinary page views, and last year over 3,300 small business firms entered the contest, which returns for a sixth edition, launching Monday, March 21 with the same, committed sponsor, Telus. The prize money handed out in the editorially run contest this year will top $150,000 and almost 70 Canadian small businesses will gain invaluable recognition from The Globe.

Strong Voice, Strong Content

Elizabeth HollandBlog Post

Every editor knows that the way to a reader’s heart is to write about people first and experts second. It’s a tried-and-true formula because stories that speak to us on an emotional level are the ones readers remember.

Transitioning from editorial to native

Stephanie ChanBlog Post

I often get asked what the differences are between working on native campaigns versus the work of an editorial newsroom. Having worked in The Globe’s Content Studio for a while now, here are three areas that have really jumped out at me: