Facebook adds 4K support to Facebook Live

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Earlier today Facebook announced new features for their Facebook Live 360 program, including increased support for third-party cameras and software, 4K support, donate buttons and ‘Post-Live’ experiences.

These new features are welcome additions to the ever-growing platform of live news and event coverage as Facebook works to corner the live-streaming market.

“Today we’re excited to announce a series of updates for Live 360 on Facebook,” posted Caitlin Ramrakha, product marketing manager for Facebook’s 360 programming. “[These features are] focused on improving and simplifying the experience of both creating and watching Live 360 videos.”

The donate button will also be a key development for charities interested in using live streams for fundraising. I’ve seen the button on steams over the past few months as tests, but opening up this option to all organizations will be a welcome feature.

Here at the Globe, we’ve been working to incorporate Facebook Live more and more with our sponsored content programs. We recently held several live Q&As in as part of events held at The Globe and Mail Centre. At our Innovation Outlook event we explore the future of smart cities, and at the HR Summit, we discussed the ways millennials are changing the workforce. Facebook Live allowed us to interview experts on site and engage audiences not able to attend in person. The streams were extremely successful, garnering tens of thousands of views through organic reach and associated shares.

We’re excited for these ongoing changes to Facebook’s suite of live services and can’t wait to start rolling them out as part of our offered content programs.


Michael Rajzman is a digital strategist for Globe Edge, The Globe and Mail’s content studio. He can be reached @mrajzman.

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