Watch for these five content-marketing trends in 2018

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A year ago I made five content-marketing predictions for 2017: How did I do? (I’ll spare you from reading the whole post. One thing I did poorly was write too much.) Podcasts and newsletters had a banner year. Webcasts? Not so much. Paid social was everything I’d expected, and more. Benchmarks are definitely undergoing a shift, but it’s a work in progress. Trust remained an issue (thanks Donald Trump). And article pages have moved closer to becoming the new landing pages. Here are my five predictions for 2018. This time I’ll keep it brief.  1. Blockchain One of those … Read More

Q&A: Should chatbots be a part of your marketing strategy?

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“The conversational channel is exploding,” says Russell Ward, CEO of Toronto-based company Massively. And while he’s not suggesting chatbots are going to overtake social, email or apps anytime soon, it’s an area that marketers simply can’t ignore. “If you are thinking about reaching an audience, you need to think about messaging. Bots allow you to reach your customers in a native way.” Ward recently spoke at our breakfast event MarTech Mornings, held at the new Globe and Mail centre. The monthly event series features leading thinkers in marketing technology. We caught up with Ward at the end of his presentation … Read More

Five trends in #martech every marketer needs to know

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The tech industry is full of buzzworthy hashtags. #fintech #legaltech #cleantech #insurtech #biotech #healthtech #edtech #agritech I’m sure I’ve missed a few. In the field of content marketing, we’ve got #martech. I was asked recently to speak at a data conference about the state of marketing technology. During the course of my research I came across a Salesforce survey of 3,500 marketers with some interesting findings. 51% are using AI. 59% are using SMS. 34% have invested in channels they didn’t know about five years ago. With that in mind, I set out to identify five growth areas in the … Read More

Facebook adds 4K support to Facebook Live

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Earlier today Facebook announced new features for their Facebook Live 360 program, including increased support for third-party cameras and software, 4K support, donate buttons and ‘Post-Live’ experiences. These new features are welcome additions to the ever-growing platform of live news and event coverage as Facebook works to corner the live-streaming market. “Today we’re excited to announce a series of updates for Live 360 on Facebook,” posted Caitlin Ramrakha, product marketing manager for Facebook’s 360 programming. “[These features are] focused on improving and simplifying the experience of both creating and watching Live 360 videos.” The donate button will also be a … Read More

Content marketing trends to look for in 2017

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Farewell to 2016. It was an interesting year. We saw the emergence of 360 video, virtual reality, augmented reality and chatbots as vital content tools, and we watched Snapchat stress levels rise among certain age groups (“I know this is a big deal but I’m terrified to use it”) in lock-step with spends on paid social.